Here are the terms and conditions for Maynooth Music Academy!
It’s mostly just regular old mumbo-jumbo that the voice-over actor reads at the end of the advert, but have a look through anyway so we can all be on the same page.
Enrollment forms referenced though out can be collected in-house or downloaded on the website!


Enrolment for lessons requires a completed enrolment form and full payment of tuition fees (unless previously discussed and agreed upon arrangements have been made). Re-Enrolment for each year will not take place until previous years accounts have been balanced.

Scheduling: Although we schedule new students in order of enrolment and make every effort to suit student preferences, scheduling of lessons will depend on available time slots with the most suitable teacher. We encourage early enrolment to avail of your most preferred time slot. If enrolment has not been completed before the commencement of the coming year, and confirmation of continuation given going into each term, we cannot guarantee the same time slot in each term.

Twin Lessons: Students enrolling in twin lessons are responsible for organising their own partner. Twin lesson bookings cannot be processed until both participants have completed their enrolment process. In the likelihood of one participant needed to cancel a lesson, it is their responsibility to inform their partner of the cancellation/rescheduled time.


All payments must be made at, or prior to, the first class of each term. For any payments made late, there will be a €5 late fee added to their class fees starting the day after the lesson at which the class fees were due, and an additional €10 for every week beyond that, from which fees are withheld.
If students/guardians wish to pay for lessons in instalments of smaller amounts (i.e. week, month, or half term) that can be arranged. An additional €5 administration fee will be added to each transaction.


A 10% Discount is available to the second family member. If availing of this discount, both family members lessons must be invoiced to, and receive fees from the same parent or guardian, in the same transaction.
We also offer a 10% student discount if requested. This cannot be compounded with the family discount if a second family member is receiving tuition in MMA alongside the aforementioned student.
Our yearly discounted fee of one month of lessons free can be compounded with the family discount, but not the student discount.


Regular practice is an essential element of music tuition, and students enrolled in lessons are expected to practice to the best of their ability. It is the responsibility of the student (or guardian), not the teacher, to make sure regular and productive practice takes place.
All students wishing to take part in lessons are expected to have a method of practicing their instrument available to them. Instruments will be available in lessons if necessary, but not provided for practice.


Payment must be made for all lessons, whether taken or missed. Make-up lessons will only be given if more than 48 hours notice is given to either your teacher or another member of staff. A limit of 1 class may be rescheduled per month. If the students usual teacher is not available to take them for a make up class within a 2 week period, a substitute teacher may be supplied. If the student cannot make either teachers provided times, the lesson will be forfeit without refund.


Notice of withdrawal from lessons and requests for refunds must be made in writing, verbal notice will not be sufficient. If you wish to withdraw from the academy a member of staff will supply you with the correct form. Refund will be made to the amount paid minus the lesson(s) taken, plus one additional lesson. Fees for student’s availing of the family discount will be appropriately adjusted after withdrawal of a family member. Maynooth Music Academy reserves the right to dismiss any student for frequent absences, disciplinary reasons, frequently overdue payments and/or any non-compliance with the academy regulations. Students thus dismissed are not entitled to any refund of fees.


Occasionally we will take photos and/or videos of lessons, with students, solely for promotional material. No compensation is provided to individuals who appear in this material. If you do not wish for you or your child to be included in this promotional material please let us know.
To ensure your child’s safety, please be sure to collect them promptly after the lesson end time. Children are only under supervision during their instructed lesson time. Staff of Maynooth Music Academy are not responsible for supervising children outside of teaching time.


Maynooth Music Academy holds no responsibility to any damage sustained to your property while on the premises. Any damages made to the academy equipment or property must be settled before any further lessons will take place.